opened book TEASE Getting Started
   opened book Introduction to the Getting Started Guide
      page Audience for the Getting Started Guide
      page How the Getting Started Guide is Organized
      page TEA Secure Environment (TEASE)
      page The TEASE Request Process
   opened book Getting Started Guide
      opened book Obtaining a TEASE Login ID
         page The Requestor's Role
         page Get the Facts
         page Types of Requests
         page Make a Request Online
         page Fill Out and Send a Paper Request
         page Accessing More Applications
      opened book Using Applications in TEASE
         page Introduction to Using Applications
         page Log On and Off
         page Select and Launch an Application
         page Change Your Information
         page Change Your Password
         page Request Changes to Access
   opened book Reference Information
      page Troubleshooting TEASE Access
      page Security Notice
      page E-mail Notifications