Audience for the Getting Started Guide

This document is designed to lead you through the process of accessing and using Texas Education Agency (TEA) software applications that are protected by the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) gateway. There are three main roles performed by individuals in obtaining TEASE access and launching applications through the TEASE gateway:

If you are performing the Requestor Role, this document provides detailed step-by-step instructions for requesting and using a login ID to access applications through the TEASE gateway.  The Submitter and Approver roles are covered in detail in other documentation.  However, individuals performing the Submitter and Approver roles may also find the material in this guide useful in understanding the overall process.

While each TEA application has unique features and requirements, TEASE provides a common, easy-to-use interface that enables quick access to information while protecting data and individual privacy.  Due to the complexity and variety of these TEA applications, this document does not attempt to provide instructions on using the applications themselves. For instructions on using the applications after they have been accessed, see the application documentation, help screens, or TEA Web site as listed on the TEASE Applications Reference page.